Do It Your Own Way

Over a decade ago I had a pretty great Maths teacher, who was teaching us to calculate compound interest. I came up with my own method of remembering how to do it – the Decimal to the power of the number of years times the original amount. (D^N)*A. It looks like DNA, so easy enough to remember.

He told me that it would be easier for me to remember, because I was the one who came up with it. And I still do. I have a sneaking suspicion that when you come up with your own way, when you make something your own, then it works better for you than it does for other people. You can adopt another style, but you need to put your own ‘mark’ on it, give it your own flavour, for it to be maximum effective.

This I hold to be a general rule, which applies to all things, game included. So what have you done, what do you do to adapt the game you read about from Heartiste, Roosh, Mystery and all the other famed Don Juans’ out there?

My general style is ‘keep it all positive’ – the topic of my next post. But that’s my style. That’s what works for me. Just because it’s my style, doesn’t mean it wont work for you too – but you have to make it your own.



When I was young and naive I used to qualify girls pretty hard without realising it. In my youth I believed what my female teachers and mother had taught me, namely that women and men are the same. So I used to spend hours talking to girl about things like literature and politics. Even computer programming…

Usually they would bolt for the door if I tried to bring up the latter, but for the most part, I actually managed to strike up a great deal of interest, because I was always interested in girls for their minds. Unfortunately none of them ever made the cut, as they were always either too poor at or uninterested in feigning interest in the topics that interested me, and the ones who were good at faking an interest in these kinds of things were usually just playing me whilst banging your cardboard cutout douche bags on the side.

After a while I realised that girls are not at all interested in Perl and Lisp in the way that guys are, and rarely even understood the popular generic literature they claimed to love. So I stopped qualifying them. Reading though my twitter feed reminded me: qualify the ladies. So I have to come up with some sort of generic qualification routine which is fun and most hot girls can pass. Just difficult enough to be challenging but not so hard as to be off putting.

Right now I am thinking something along the lines of ‘what films do you like?’ and ‘what books do you like?’ along with a current favourite ‘what do you think of London?’ and ‘What’s cool about it?’.

It’s too challenging to pick a random great movie or song and ask if a girl has seen, listened to or heard of it, because there are thousands of movies out there, and likely they won’t. What do you do to qualify girls? What topics do you qualify them in? How do they usually respond? Have you ever succeeded without qualification?

Power of Questions

Questions are powerful tools. When you pose a question, you can alter the course of someones thinking pretty easily, because if someone asks a question, it’s hard to not answer without an awkward silence. Even after they have forgotten about it, someones subconscious can work on the answers even in their sleep.

So here are some questions which I’ve been asking myself to start thinking on the right track again lately.

– How can you make a girl attracted to you?

– How can you make yourself more attractive to women?

– How can you get a girl you like to go on a date?

– What can you do to get a girl naked?

– How do you keep a conversation fun and flirty?

It’s easy to forget that most guys don’t have good answers (that lead to effective results), but how about you? I would say that there is no one right answer, but the important thing is to keep thinking along these lines. Questions are powerful things.

Night Out

Last night I went out in central London for the first time in ages (business has kept me away from my old stomping grounds lately) I didn’t get anywhere, but I made new friends (who I hope will become good future wingmen) and felt great afterwards. Feeling good on the inside is a big part of game for me. And I didn’t look like a tool either. I hit that point where I realised that I wasn’t going to get anywhere, and cut my losses. It was awesome.

Whilst I didn’t succeed in getting a make out or a number, I did meet a random lady at the bar (I say lady, as she was too old for me at 25 though fairly attractive, but not really doing it for me) and spent some time hanging out with her. This wasn’t really anything, but it was enough for the guys who I was with to sit up and take notice.

Here’s how I opened: I had ordered a delicious Caipirinha and said “I’m making him work for a change” pointing at the bartender, who was busy crushing ice and shaking the mixer.  Easy, right? It is when you’ve got great spontaneous lines like this! He he he.

In all honesty I got the feeling like she wanted me to approach her, so I did. She lingered a long time at the bar, so calibration played its part.

Long story short: I felt awesome afterwards, and look forwards to getting back into it!

The Game, Book Reviews

A lot of us were introduced to game by ‘The Game’ by Niel Strauss.

But here’s a quick sample of reviews (and their header summaries) that were published in the main UK newspapers from 2005 – just after this game changer was published:

  • Sad Sack Artists
  • “Neil Strauss’s The Game and Tony Clink’s The Layguide may present themselves as geeks’ guides to seduction, but they are actually faintly homoerotic, says Steven Poole”

All three attempted to portray the characters and author as pathetic or desperate, keeping Game out of mainstream society. Game is real, but it’s just not politically correct.

It’ll won’t be taught in schools any time soon, nor officially accepted by the establishment. There is no governmental acceptance of game, no official recommendations. The only way to get information is to find our own sources, and make our own judgements. And there’s only one test to see if we are on the right track… is it working?

The Manosphere is a Good Community

I started to neglect this blog a while back, working on other projects, and among those projects I created a blog. My clean cut real world AFC blog was less popular than this mostly ignored, barely maintained seduction blog.

Not only does this blog have more followers and comments after less posts, which are lower quality, but I get the feeling that people actually give more of a fuck.

When I follow a blog in the manosphere I actually care, and read it because I think it’s interesting, useful, witty or funny. When I follow or even comment on other blogs about business or software it’s mainly to get readers to follow me and put comments on my blog. But even with my other blogs followers I can’t shake the feeling that they are doing the same to me. In other words, I don’t care about what they write and they don’t care about me. Well fuck that.

From now on I’m going to be maintaining this blog more often. It’s great to have a forum to vent my inner thoughts about bitches anyway, and lets be honest, it’s hard to talk really openly and honestly about seducing girls with real life friends without DLV-ing or giving them ammunition to AMOG you later.

In other words, I’m back.

The Total Inability Of Females To Select Good Males

For years I ignored almost all of the girls who were interested in me, because I was holding out for one who would be able to recognise a good man when she saw one.

Then I found her. I made one mistake and she went off with a total loser. I thought she was amazing, one of the youngest most beautiful girls I had ever seen, and she took on an unattractive overweight imbecile as her boyfriend.

That brings me to now, where there is a 7 in my social circle who I have been interested in for a while. She even tried asking me out, but I declined, as I was not in the mood that day.

Fast forward to today, when a guy in our social group, who makes Hurley from lost look underweight asked her out, and she said yes. He has an alpha male attitude and combines this with a confused elderly man approach akin to Rooshes day game. He’s ugly, and as big as a whale.

And he’s got a date. Every once in a while a girl does something which makes me recoil and today that has happened again. How many times do you have to see a girl shamelessly go for a total loser before you finally lose all hope?

No matter how many times I see girls fail, it’s still almost impossible for me to grasp how girl after girl can fail to correctly determine a mans worth.


He got nowhere, thank God. In the end another guy, who was much better came along and swooped her. I give the guy his dues, he knew what he was doing, acted fast and succeeded. No easy task living in a Hostel where isolation is difficult and mostly built on chance.

The one move of the successful guy which I overheard was him admonishing her to “be good”, which I take as an instance of game working, in other words, giving the girl guidance, managing her behaviour, and lead lead leading.

Meeting More Females and One of the Secrets of Reality

It’s been about a month since I’ve been on a date. Far too long. It makes me think of one thing: location, location, location. My game is crud; at least I’ve got the guts to admit it. Will I improve? Yes.

Yes I will. But in the mean time, maximising exposure to women will maximise my chances. Which means that I can actually practice. I have a few ideas for middle game, a few ideas about what to do on a date to make it interesting. Late game I have given little thought to so far. As for early game I have a few ideas about what might work.

By the way, relating back to one of my earlier posts, I’ll let you in on a Secret of the Universe. Steve Job’s “reality distortion field” wasn’t just him convincing people that the impossible was possible, resulting in them being so encouraged that they pulled off a difficult task. Reality distortion is the actual distortion of reality itself by willpower. The Cosmos takes the path of least resistance, and if your willpower strong strong strong, then reality itself will bend.

* AMOG-ing special! *

AMOGs. The pain in the ass proof that wars, fights death and destruction are not so much the fault of man, but the fault of females who lack the capability to figure out which guys are the best.

Is there anything more frustrating than getting AMOGed? Someone of lower value, placing themselves above you because they know the tricks of the trade better.

I’m going to document a loser AMOG who AMOGed me about an hour ago. I started talked to a bunch of Italian girls in my hostel, what with other guys not having the guts to start a conversation, and they were reacting pretty favourably. In our conversation I mentioned that I worked in web design.

Then a guy interrupted me by asking “You’re a web designer?”. I said yes and he proceeded to slam web design as ‘boring’ and ‘easy’ – laughably incorrect. I could tell by taking a look at him that he didn’t have a clue. He proceeded to tell me that designing apps for Facebook is where it is at. It was hard to hide my disdain. I was so mad at this point that I stopped bothering to talk to anyone, my emotions had been irritated – I had been caught unaware.

Jackass AMOG behaviour can come at any time, and part of becoming good with women is learning how to handle this kind of situation correctly. Looking back the best move would probably be making eye contact with the girls and giving a ‘are you buying this shit?’ raised eyebrow look, showing my cynicism. I was with this group first, and he is the outsider, talking a bunch of bullshit.


A little while later the same guy asked another guy how much his iPhone cost and the guy, to his credit, instead of answering with the amount, replied “£20, just like everything in the Apple Store”. The AMOG here was asking for information which revealed personal information about the potential AMOGing victim, and the AMOG of course could hide behind the pretence of just being a curious individual.

What I really should have done to handle the AMOG is this: Pretended to be interested in his web design and asked about which languages he used to make his websites. That way I would have learned about him, giving me information to put him down if necessary, as well as exposing his undoubted lack of depth of knowledge about something which he claimed to know about.

“PUA” terminology is damaging

Who would eve use the term PUA in public? Who would ever say “I’m a Pick Up Artist” to their friends?

Player is the correct term. It’s not an “IOI”, the girl is interested. She’s not a 9, she is (maybe) worth getting to know. She is potentially interesting. It’s not “Kinasthetic Escilation” it’s touching. It’s not F-Closing, it’s Fucking.

You aren’t “opening” a girl, so much as you are being sociable. That’s who you are – a sociable guy (when it is to your advantage). Routines… people do those anyway, they just don’t have a name for it. And the right word for AMOG is asshole. But I prefer jackass. Not that there is anything wrong with being an asshole.


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